Marguerita (Rita) Lim-Wilby, BPharm, PhD

Rita has 10 years of pharmaceutical drug discovery research experience in multiple roles, including Principal Investigator, Senior Scientist, Project Leader, and Lab Manager. During Rita’s research career, she initiated multiple projects, including that in the hepatitis C NS2-4a protease which resulted in a successful partnership with Schering-Plough and the discovery and development of bocepravir, a Phase III drug for the treatment of hepatitis C. Following her research career, Rita transitioned in the last 9 years to the business of science at several start-ups and at Accelrys, a large scientific modeling and informatics enterprise.

Rita has been successful in obtaining an SBIR grant for inhibitors of falcipain as antimalarials, co-authored 21 papers and is a co-inventor on 11 patents and two book chapters.

Rita brings the ability to understand and empathize with scientists, business managers, and engineers of diverse cultures and background. She combines her strong verbal and non-verbal communication skills with a practical approach to connecting people and clarifying the issues necessary to forward the conversations to solutions that work for all.

Rita’s strong suits are in strategic planning, partnerships, marketing, outreach, and team-building. She has had the privilege of being inspired and mentored by her scientist and business manager colleagues and competitors.

Rita’s mission is to be able to anticipate and approach with passion the challenges and opportunities ahead for today’s skilled workforce. Her personal goal for PGC200 is to grow the organization to the point that it will function successfully without her involvement.