About PGC200

PGC200 is a non-profit organization whose core strategies are to partner with the existing ecosystem of organizational development professionals, governmental departments, industry and trade associations, and education institutions. In these partnerships, our activities are guided by these goals:

  • To provide individuals with the framework, tools, and resources they need to develop the career of their choosing
  • To bring insights from and conversations with thought leaders, industry leaders, and leaders of local institutions to enable individuals to make better informed decisions for their careers
  • To partner with providers of services and products to customize and develop the training and experiences for the skilled professional
  • To form the community that creates the collegiate environment for networking, mentorship, collaboration, and support to advance the careers of its individuals
  • To foster communication within the community that collectively stays relevant to the changing needs of the industries they support


Welcome to PGC200, a community organization for skilled professionals who are taking charge of their careers in a rapidly-transforming world. Our vision is that every skilled professional can be meaningfully engaged and sustainably successful.

The mission of PGC200 is to be the preferred partner for transformational training of skilled professionals to adapt and stay relevant in a rapidly changing global landscape.

The three core strategies in fulfillment of our mission are

  1. To provide online resources and federated information sources specific to the community of skilled scientific and technical professionals
  2. To leverage the online network for higher impact, higher value in-person transformational training
  3. To focus on professional development to enable the individual to adapt to the changing needs of industry

We extend a warm welcome to members of research organizations in academia, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and renewable energy companies, contract research organizations, and to the affiliated professionals who contribute so richly to these communities.