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Increase Your Value: For your job search, business, raise or promotion! Salesmanship Made Easy

Janet Twitchell
Director at Large, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association

Wednesday, February 9, 2011, 5:30-8:30 pm

Janet is a sales trainer extraordinaire and has agreed to give us, non-Sales People, a framework for how to have all the tools of salesmanship without being a “Salesman”. In this interactive training program with on the spot learning, each participant will walk away with some real world tools.

Throughout the program there are built in spots for participants to work with the person seated next to them. Active audience participation will be encouraged as Janet requests people to share the work they have done. Humor is laced into the presentation in the form of examples so that the sales training is not overwhelming and “scary” particularly to scientists.

Twitchell Janet Twitchell is a microbiologist by education and a passionate sales leader through her career path. She started her career in a lab and moved her success to business-to-business sales, business management, biotech & pharmaceutical sales, sales training and pharmaceutical sales management. Janet’s career path has allowed her to develop a diversity of science, sales, management and people skills to make her a well-rounded person professionally and personally. Janet does consulting for small businesses and develops training programs. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Microbiology from San Diego State University awarded Cum Laude. She sits on the Board of Directors for Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, Southern California Chapter.

Location Sponsor - AMN Healthcare
12400 High Bluff Drive
San Diego, CA 92130

Registration online : $15 (until February 8), $10 student/affiliate/in transition
Onsite $20, $15 student/affiliate/in transition

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