Closing America's Job Gap

Closing America’s Job Gap: Where to find great new jobs

Mary Walshok
Dean, UCSD Extension

Henry DeVries
Assistant Dean for External Affairs, UCSD Extension

Thursday, January 20, 2011, 5:30-8:30 pm

Remember the good old days of booming business and plentiful jobs? With 12 percent unemployment in California, Closing America’s Job Gap may sound a bit absurd. The job crisis is not simply that there are too few good jobs to go around. There are not enough good workers for the multitude of jobs U.S. companies need to fill today or that will soon become available. Reports indicate a shortage of skilled professionals with technical, engineering, math, and science skills, soon to be exacerbated by retiring baby boomers.

Mary Walshok and Henry Devries will show how you can regain the American Dream: the opportunity to work and earn a salary to sustain your home, educate your children, and keep your family healthy and comfortable. Their message is not only of hope. It contains concrete measures that you can take to ensure your career success and economic security.

Walshok Mary Walshok is a researcher, author, Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Extension at UCSD. A thought leader on aligning workforce development with regional economic growth and head of the continuing education and public programs at UCSD since 1981, Mary oversees programs that educate >26,000 students in 4,900+ courses. Mary has developed outreach efforts to help accelerate the San Diego region’s economic vitality, assure a globally competitive talent pool and help college graduates transition to employment areas that are in higher demand.

DeVries Henry DeVries serves as the public spokesperson for UCSD Extension. The former president of the UCSD Alumni Association, he earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from UCSD in 1979, an MBA from SDSU in 1998 and has specialized management training from Harvard Business School. Henry is the Jobs and Career editor of the online news magazine San Diego News Network and the Jobs & Career columnist for San Diego Metropolitan magazine. Prior to founding the New Client Marketing Institute, Henry was VP of a multi-billion dollar international financial services organization and president of a large West Cost advertising agency.