The Personal Inventory

The Personal Inventory
understanding your aptitudes, talents, and assets

Rebecca Everett
Author, How to Be the CEO of Your Own Life

Wednesday, August 10, 2011, 5:30-8:30 pm

Not connecting with some colleagues? Wasted time trying to figure out who missed the boat on something? What if you could iron out the kinks in communication and smooth the path for better relationships? This workshop delivers tools and tips to understand your interaction style and how to flex to others. Knowing how you prefer to get information, make decisions and plan your work – or not! – will untangle some of the snags in the network of your interactions with others.

Rebecca Everett Included as part of your participation in this workshop is the MBTI (Myers- Briggs Type Indicator) and a comprehensive report on what your profile means.

You’ll be able to use that information to:

  • effectively and rapidly connect to most anyone
  • partner with complimentary styles and enhance workplace synergy
  • decrease conflicts caused by simple miscommunication
  • enhance relationships throughout your life

  • And have a little fun in the process!

    Rebecca Everett, MS, is the author of How to Be the CEO of Your Own Life: Discovering who you are and what you’re meant to do. In consulting and coaching, she uses a proprietary process, Interaction Intelligence™, to meaningfully enhance work satisfaction and performance. Rebecca works exclusively with key influencers in organizations, recognizing that change happens when those in charge lead the way. Known for her rapid analysis of interaction challenges and flashes of insight, she exercises her knowledge and perceptions to substantially impact organizational performance.

    Ms. Everett co-owned a computer firm for 14 years. A former therapist, she uses interpersonal dynamics in her coaching and consulting. She is an authority in adult learning, an expert in conflict prevention and resolution and an accomplished speaker and trainer. Her ease of engaging audiences provides an atmosphere of discovery, inspiration and ultimately, change.

    Location Sponsor:

    AMN logo 12400 High Bluff Drive
    San Diego, CA 92130


    The workshop is designed for 20-35 participants. It may be rescheduled if the minimum of 20 is not met; additional times will be planned if this event is oversubscribed.
    Registration includes MBTI material
    Registration online : $75 (until August 9), $50 student/affiliate/in transition
    Onsite $95, $65 student/affiliate/in transition
    This 2.5 hour workshop begins promptly at 6:15 pm

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