Crowd Funding

Manna from Many or Pending Trainwrecks?
how will crowd funding impact technology and biotech research and commercialization

A Panel Discussion

Wednesday, April 25, 2012, 5:30-8:30 pm

Howard Leonhardt (bio)
Founder, CEO, & Chairman
The California Stock Exchange

Neil Senturia (bio)
CEO, Blackbird Ventures
LonoCloud, Oberon Fuels

Claudio de Fraja (bio)
Pendulum Biotechnology Services

Lee Barken (bio)
Energy and Cleantech Practice Leader
Haskell & White LLP

David Palella (bio)
Founder, BioScience Ventures

In 2010, $290 billion was donated to non-profits, of which $23B was for health-related causes. Instead of giving to a foundation and hoping the funds would be disbursed responsibly, wouldn’t you rather put the money to make the greatest impact? Websites such as Kickstarter have enabled crowdfunding for the arts and this might soon be possible also for larger scale projects. Crowdfunding legislation in congress is moving ahead. All signs point to the President signing it.

How will entrepreneurs tap into crowds for funds and what will they get in return? How can a donor or investor choose worthy enterprises? Will they be disappointed to find out that half to two thirds of businesses collapse within three years, and mostly due to mismanagement, financial or otherwise?

Join our distinguished panelists of entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals in technology, finance and IT to learn how to beware if you’re an investor, and how to fund your enterprise or startup.

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San Diego, CA 92130


Panel discussion begins promptly at 6:30 pm

Registration online : $15 (until April 23), $10 student/affiliate/in transition
Onsite $20, $15 student/affiliate/in transition

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