Innovation Challenges

Fifth Session, October 25th

Large Group Innovation Challenges Topics

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  1. Disruptive Innovation Challenge
  2. Extraordinary and Unorthodox Philanthropy
  3. Estimation of Motor Vehicle Diagnostics

Small Group Breakout Sessions

  1. Derivatives of Racemic 2-Hydroxy-4-(methylthio)butanoic Acid
  2. Breaking Glucosepanes
  3. Announced at Meeting

Discussion Format

We are adding something new to the format: Small Group Breakout Sessions after the whole group Brainstorming that we normally do. The Small Group Brainstorming Sessions are composed of 3-4 people in each group. The groups help each member evaluate and further develop their particular ideas and Solutions. They are run in parallel (3 at once) and last a total of 15 minutes so you must choose only one Breakout Session to participate in.


  1. Innocentive Sample Submission
  2. SolutionRequirements
  3. Innovation Challenges Forum Rules
  4. Innocentive Cost Analysis Sample

Innovation Challenges Forum Rules

  1. Take all ideas seriously. If you are speaking, consider what you are saying before voicing your thoughts.
  2. No interrupting other participants. In respect of others’ need to speak, please be concise.
  3. All ideas generated during discussion are considered non-confidential.
  4. The purpose of discussion is to trade ideas in an open-source manner until individuals feel they want to form a small team to work on Challenges in-private. Teams will be 2-6 people.
  5. When individuals feel they want to form a small team, they will notify Moderator by note concerning who they want to team with.

Topics From Inaugural Forum

  • Innocentive – Emergency Response 2.0 : Solutions to Respond to Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Oil Collection in Gulf of Mexico

Oil Detection on Ocean Surfaces

Solutions to Respond to Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

  • X-PRIZE anticipated challenge  – “The X PRIZE Foundation is considering, but has not yet developed, a multi-million dollar competition to help alleviate the effects of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.”

X-PRIZE Statement

  • Innoget – Orally delivered modified release drug delivery systems to overcome first-pass metabolism

Drug Delivery Systems

  • RAPID grants

RAPID Grants

  • Gates Foundation Grand Challenges

Grand Challenges

  • Innocentive – Sustainable Packaging Materials for the Developing World

Sustainable Packaging